It is the intent of the Margaret Elementary School administration for each student to receive a copy of the Student Handbook. This handbook was provided as a basic guide for students and parents. Parents and students are responsible for becoming familiar with the policies and procedures of our school.  Parents and students are encouraged to speak with the school’s administration if further explanation of a topic is desired.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

 Welcome back for our fourth year at MES!  I hope your children have enjoyed their summer vacation and look forward to another successful year.  The staff and I anticipate a productive academic year with many school accomplishments.  This past year, we were encouraged by the efforts given by our students, parents, and community in creating a school culture that is positive and focused on the achievement of each student. 

We are immensely proud of our students’ academic progress, but know that more can be achieved.  I want to thank our parents for making your child’s education the top priority while supporting the teachers and staff at Margaret Elementary School.  We believe by working together we can achieve excellence in both your child’s academic and social growth while promoting the love of learning.

 I encourage you to be an active participant in all school activities, offer suggestions, and ask questions about those things that concern you. I look forward to the future as we work together as partners in learning.


 Joe L. Goble, Principal