Dear Parents, Faculty, and Staff,

As we begin the 2013-2014 school year, I want to extend to you my sincere appreciation for the important roles that you have played in preparing our students for a new school year and for the educational experiences and support that you will provide to enhance and enrich their lives during the coming months. Each of you, parents, faculty, and staff, bring unique contributions to our efforts to help all children to become successful in school and in life.

As parents, you have the awesome responsibility of creating a home environment that assists students in coming to school well-prepared and ready for instruction in the classroom. Our teachers, who are highly qualified and caring educators, must ensure that all children are treated with understanding and acceptance and are provided the best instruction to meet their individual learning needs. The support staff will offer valuable services to strengthen the learning environment in our schools.

With this combined support, I expect our students to come to class with an eagerness to learn and excel. All students should obey school rules by being respectful, responsible, and resourceful and, therefore, earn self respect. I encourage all of our partners in education to work together to promote a successful school year for our students. As a team, we will continue to raise the bar of excellence and strive to constantly improve and reach out goal of providing our youth the best possible education.

This handbook is a great resource to share with our partners and communicate the guidelines for reaching our goals. The student/Parent Information Guide and Code of Conduct will assist parents and their children, faculty, and staff in understanding general school policies, and conduct standards. A collaborative effort of our partners and approved by the Board of Education, the handbook will inform you of students’ requirements and responsibilities.

We welcome your active participation in our efforts to create safe school environments where learning takes place in an orderly process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school administrator. I welcome you to an exciting year and offer a heartfelt thank you for the support you provide children in the St. Clair County Schools.


Jenny Seals

Superintendent of Education